Delta-technology for the streets

The first all-wheel-version of Lancia Delta – Delta HF 4WD – was presented in 1986. Within a short period of time, Delta became a bestseller and controlled the market of all-wheel sports vehicles. Due to permission regulations in rally sports, about 5,000 vehicles were produced within a year.

During the next years, styling and technology were considerably enhanced and changed. However, the basic concept remained unchanged. From that time, Lancia’s all-wheel vehicles were called “HF Integrale” as add-on.

After selling about 25,000 units and the victory of five wold championships in a row, in 1991 Lancia decided on the latest and most distinctive level of evolution. Mechanics, coachwork, exterior and interior were re-engineered. In total, this last model was limited with about 13,500 units and exclusive and limited special series were configured until the end of 1995.

Lancia’s Delta “HF Integrale EVO”, which is its name today, was further improved according to a detailed development scheme. These procedures made it to a top product in the exclusive segment of all-wheel sports vehicles.

HF - Symbol of sportiness

HF – this reminds us of Lancia rally winners, who have already become myth. It is the abbreviation for “High Fidelity” and has since the foundation in 1960 been used for the Lancia Hi.Fi.-Club, whose members are notably loyal Lancia customers.

The little galloping elephant is even older. This symbol was chosen as talisman of Gianni Lancia, former managing director, for the first sport activities in the early 1950s.

The sign originates from the Oriental/Indian mythology, where it was known as a symbol of success and as talisman. Originally, the elephant was portrayed in blue – later on it was used in deep red.

HF and elephant are thus the two symbols that have accompanied the history, development and successes of all sporty Lancia’s.